Privacy Policy

The Founders at [Armour Hill Tree Care] (“we“, “our“, “us“) take our customer’s personal information seriously. We only collect private information for limited uses related to our website (found at “[” and tree care service (the “Services”). We take a pro-active approach to fulfilling the privacy requirements under the Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”). This Privacy Policy applies to information we receive about from your use of the website, our Services, and any communications between us and our customers.

How are We Using this Information?

Any information you provide to us will only be used to serve your consumer needs. This includes payment processing, improving our Services through data analytics (including the use of cookies), reminding you of upcoming important events or appointments, and use in other services that may be rendered in the future. In particular, we will be using the contact information you provide us to bill you for Services rendered and potentially contact you in the future for further services. Generally, the only data we will be collecting will be information you manually provide us. Things we won’t be doing with your data include:

  • Your data will be not sold.
  • Your data will not be given to third parties unless required by law or with your consent.
  • We will not retain your information for longer than we are required to by law.
  • We are taking steps to ensure your information is protected. Fully protecting data on the internet is impossible, so we cannot guarantee the security of your personal information.

We will ask for your consent when it is necessary to the performance of our Services to disclose information to third parties outside of the uses described in this policy.


We may use cookies for analytical purposes, including tracking audience size, analysing use of the website and Services, and improving search speed or website loading times. The types of data collected through cookies may include details of your visit to our website as well as information about your location, your computer, and your internet connection.

Third Party Applications and Plugins

We make use of a limited amount of third-party applications and plugins. These are things like credit card processors, invoicing software, and google analytics tools. The use of these services does disclose some data to the third-parties that operate these services, but only to the extent that you provide them in the normal course of browsing the web or enter them manually. Each of these plugins have their own privacy policies which you can review and contact those companies directly for privacy concerns regarding their use of that information.


When you submit personal information to us, you consent to its collection, use, and disclosure in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Consent may be expressed in various forms. You may also withdraw your consent subject to contractual and legal restrictions after providing reasonable notice. If you provide us with the personal information of another person, you agree that you have the authority to provide such information and have the consent of the relevant persons.

Your Privacy Rights

Generally, you can request us to provide you your personal information. There are some legal limitations to this under the laws of Canada. You may also request the deletion of your information, subject to the same restrictions. You also have a right to correct any incorrect information we have stored about you.

Changes to This Policy

We reserve the right, from time to time, to make changes to this policy. We will notify you of these changes on our website. Your continued use of our website and Services is implied consent to these changes. 

Contact Us

Please contact us at for your privacy concerns and requests, where our head of privacy will be in contact with you.

Last Updated Date: February 4th, 2022