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Tree Services and Removal in Peterborough, Ontario

100% local owner-operator run business. We work with your trees to keep them healthy and beautiful.

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Armour Hill’s Tree Services

Whether it’s tree removal or just some pruning, we can help! Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our experts. We’ll come out to your home in Peterborough or the Kawartha Lakes area at no charge, so you don’t have any surprises on the day of service.

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Tree Pruning and Care

Keep your trees safe and healthy with regular inspections, branch pruning, and related care. Regular pruning and care can improve aesthetic value and reduce the likelihood of property damage.

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Tree Risk Assessment

Unsure of the integrity of dead trees or overhanging branches? Having a professional arborist evaluate your property is critical. We will provide you with the right information for determining your next steps.

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Professional Tree Care Services and Removal

Trees that are unhealthy, dead, or obstructing your activities need to be safely removed, which requires special expertise and equipment. We bring both!

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Emergency Services

If you notice an issue that might cause damage sooner rather than later, it’s best to contact us immediately for an emergency consultation and care or removal as needed.

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Tree Cabling and Bracing

Sometimes trees don’t require removal or pruning as much as a little support. Our cabling and bracing services can secure your landscape when this is the case.

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Stump Grinding

Tree stumps are tough to remove, and sometimes the only way is to grind them down where they sit. Contact us right away if you’ve got a problem with an unsightly stump on your lawn.

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Pricing: How Much Do Our Tree Services Cost?

Tree surgeon services almost always require a custom estimate based on the time, staff, and equipment required. Because of this, Armour Hill offers free estimates to all customers. Give us a call if you’re concerned, and we’ll use our expertise to evaluate your needs and make recommendations at no cost to you.

Why is a Custom Estimate Necessary?

An arborist’s work is much more nuanced business than you might think. While you may look at an unhealthy tree and think it requires expensive removal, an expert eye may discover that it only needs some professional care or cabling to obtain optimal health.

Who are Armour Hill’s Tree Services For?

Our tree care company provides high-quality services to homeowners and commercial clients in the Peterborough, Ontario area. Our service area extends to the Kawarthas, which we see as an extension of our local neighborhood. 

We pride ourselves on our owner-operator-run business model, which allows us to maintain direct communication with our clients throughout the entire process.

From tree removal and stump grinding to simple pruning, we have the expertise, experience, and equipment to take on any project. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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Hear From Our Happy Customers

We have a 5-star track record of providing exceptional customer service from communicating with our clients all the way to clearing up after the job. Whether we’re working on residential or commercial properties, our top priority is ensuring high-quality service and a clear understanding of expectations.

Client satisfaction is especially important to us, which is why we’re always open to feedback from clients related to our work and how we conduct ourselves on the job site. Our skilled arborists have the proper experience with all of the well-maintained equipment we use on a daily basis.

About Armour Hill Tree Care

Owner-operator Andrew Dolan created Armour Hill Tree Care in 2022 to serve the Peterborough, Ontario area. A highly qualified arborist with 15+ years of extensive experience in the industry, Andrew and his crew offer high-quality services at competitive prices.

As an owner-operator-run company, we can deliver the best possible value to all of our clients.

If your residential or business property includes green space, you’re fortunate! Plant life adds immense value and an aesthetic touch to any land, but only if it’s correctly maintained and cared for. Don’t let your concerns over at-risk trees get worse; contact Armour Hill today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Services (FAQ)

Got more questions about our tree services? We’ve got the answers.

What is the process for getting a free estimate?

Here’s how it works: you call us or fill out our contact form, telling us about the work you need done. We’ll set up a time for one of our experts to come out and take a look at your property.

Once they’ve assessed the situation, they’ll give you a custom estimate with no expectation that you will proceed with the work.

If you’re satisfied with the estimate, we can get started immediately. If not, no problem – you’re under no obligation to use our services.

Does tree removal require a permit in Peterborough?

We take care of the entire permit process for our clients, but you should still be aware of the following information:

In Peterborough a permit is required to remove any trees over 7.5cm in diameter. There is  a $65 permit fee if the tree is healthy and a $15 fee if the tree is hazardous or dead.

There are also replanting requirements if you wish to remove healthy trees.

How much does tree removal cost?

There’s not an easy answer to that. You see, it depends on how much work needs to be done and where the tree is located. The price will depend on each specific case.

What are the benefits of cabling and bracing for trees?

Cabling and bracing can help trees with structural defects by supporting the weakened portions of the tree.

The cables are installed high up in the canopy, usually above where you will see them. Bracing is also used where large cracks are present in the trunk.

The benefits include extending the lifespan of your trees and added support to help make it through those strong storms.

Why do I need a risk assessment for my trees?

A risk assessment is essential to determine whether your tree needs removal or just some pruning, and if so, what kind of work it will require. When assessing a tree for risk, we consider the species and age of the tree, any risky structures around it, and sometimes how close it is to power lines.