Tree Risk Assessment Services by Armour Hill Tree Care

If you realize you’re concerned about trees on your property, don’t wait for them to become problems. Call our certified arborists for a tree risk assessment today.

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What is Tree Risk Assessment?

You may think your trees are growing strong and healthy when in truth, there may be problems that the untrained eye cannot spot. You also might worry about damage to your home or business after storms or heavy winds compromise your trees’ structural integrity. 

Whatever the case may be, you shouldn’t let concern for your trees keep you up at night. Call us at Armour Hill Tree Care for a free estimate so that our professional arborists can evaluate the health of your trees. 

A tree risk assessment is vital in determining your next steps. It could mean simple pruning or removal of the entire tree. With our expertise, we can take into account: 

  • The tree’s age
  • The species
  • Any risky structures around it (such as power lines)

And then provide you with the correct information.

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Levels of Tree Risk Assessment

We understand that no two trees have the same circumstances, and any assessments should be thorough. To that end, we provide three different levels of tree risk assessment:

Level 1: Limited Visual Tree Risk Assessment

Our level one assessment focuses on covering large areas quickly and efficiently, with a minimal amount of data recorded for each tree. Our certified arborists analyze designated areas to identify trees with a high or extreme risk by visual surveys conducted while walking through paths or walkways or from within vehicles. The results of a level one assessment can inform the need for a level two or three assessment for a certain tree or area. 

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Level 2: Basic Tree Risk Assessment

Our level two assessment focuses on the exterior of a tree and its surrounding area. It is conducted through visual examination of defects and cavities, as well as the use of rubber mallets and probes to “sound” the tree or inspect open cavities. The results of a level two tree risk assessment will include a report on:

  • Risk mitigation 
  • Noted defects 
  • Our arborists’ observations
  • Whether these observations indicate that a more in-depth assessment is necessary

Level 3: Advanced Tree Risk Assessment

Our level three assessment takes an in-depth look at the crown, trunk, and roots. Through climbing inspections and specialized tools that allow us to examine and visualize internal conditions, you will be able to receive a detailed report including testing results and our arborists can recommend appropriate solutions, such as pruning or removal.

Contact Us Today for a Free Estimate

At Armour Hill Tree Care, we want to help you achieve total peace of mind when it comes to trees on your property. Whenever you need a tree risk assessment, give us a call — we’ll be happy to come over to your property and give you a free estimate with no obligation.