Stump Grinding in Peterborough by Armour Hill Tree Care

Eliminating tree stumps from your property doesn’t just improve its aesthetics — it also ensures that your family and neighbours are safe from potential accidents. For all these reasons and more, our tree stump grinding services in Peterborough can help.

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What Is Tree Stump Grinding? 

Tree stump grinding is a common tree removal technique that uses a special machine to shred the stump into sawdust or wood chips.

With a stump grinder, we can mechanically grind the stump to your desired height, whether that’s ground level or below it. This results in a much neater and safer outdoor space.

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Why You Should Consider Tree Stump Grinding in Peterborough

While some homeowners opt to  have the tree cut down as low to grade as possible others may prefer stump grinding instead. If you’re not sure whether stump grinding is for you, here are several advantages for your consideration:

Eliminate The Trip Hazard

Stump grinding will safely and efficiently remove those unsightly tree stumps leaving you with extra space in your yard. Our equipment is compact and won’t ruin your lawn while grinding out your stumps.

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Make Space for your Next Tree

Looking to replant in the same location as the stump in question? We can help! Our stump grinding equipment can grind out a hole deep enough to plant a new tree.

Keep Things Affordable 

Professional stump grinding services are affordable since we utilize new modern equipment that safely and efficiently grinds stumps without wrecking your property. This lowers the labour costs so you can enjoy increased savings. 

Stay Environmentally-Friendly 

Perhaps the best thing about stump grinding is that this technique is environmentally-friendly. This is mainly because the sawdust created after grinding down a stump nurtures the environment. In particular, plants that love acidic soil will benefit from sawdust mulch.

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At Armour Hill Tree Care, we understand how valuable your property is. We’re here to help you manage the safety and beauty of your home through our expert stump grinding services in Peterborough. 

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