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Trees can be a beautiful feature of your property, but there are times when we must remove them. For expert tree removal services in Peterborough, contact us at Armour Hill Tree Care today.

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When is Tree Removal Necessary?

Tree removal can be one of the riskiest forms of landscaping to attempt on your own. There are many difficulties associated with tree removal:

  • Large trees often can’t be safely chopped down without special equipment
  • Confined spaces can make it difficult and awkward to work
  • Poor weather and other conditions can increase the risk

Overall, it’s best to leave it to a professional arborist that can handle it efficiently and safely.  

At Armour Hill Tree Care, we implement advanced expertise and special equipment. Tree removal is one of the primary services we offer – no space is too confined, and no tree is too big.

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Common Reasons for Tree Removal

If you’re unsure whether tree removal is necessary, here are several reasons why our clients have previously decided to remove their trees.

Poor Health

Trees suffer from several common health problems, including:

  • Damage from natural disasters (such as storms, floods, or droughts)
  • Construction activities (such as soil compaction affecting the health of roots)
  • Diseases and pests (such as beech bark disease or an Emerald Ash Borer infestation) 

Lack of Space

When you’re attempting significant renovations like adding a new building to your property, trees may obstruct the space and require removal.

Another potential reason is if your garden or lawn becomes too crowded. Sometimes, trees need to be removed to increase sunlight or visibility to other areas. 

Old Age

Old age affects both trees and people in similar ways – as trees grow older, they become less durable. If an old tree is in poor condition, regular care and maintenance may not be enough to keep it healthy, and it may be safer to remove it.

Poor Structure

Trees with structural defects like large cracks or cavities pose a significant risk to the buildings and occupants of your property. Avoid damage from fallen trees or limbs by contacting our certified arborists to remove your trees.

Too Much Maintenance

Even a perfectly healthy tree can be the target of removal if you feel like there’s too much maintenance or clean-up involved. Consider our tree removal services if you’re tired of dealing with a mountain of leaves or stepping on fallen nuts and fruits.

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

No two trees are exactly alike — that’s why it’s not possible to provide a cost without a proper estimate. Our pricing for tree removal services in Peterborough depends on each case, so we provide free estimates for new potential clients. Just give us a call, and we’ll travel to your location to assess costs in detail with no obligation.

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