Tree Pruning Services in Peterborough by Armour Hill Tree Care

Regular  pruning can be critical if you want to keep your trees healthy and aesthetically appealing.

Tree pruning is a necessary maintenance service that can help prevent the spread of disease, remove dangerous deadwood, and improve the appearance of your property.

The experts at Armour Hill Tree Care are happy to provide a free estimate to assess what steps should be taken for your trees to thrive.

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What is Tree Pruning?

Tree pruning is a process during which undesirable branches are removed from a tree to allow for healthy growth and eliminate potential dangers.

This helps maintain the plant’s overall health and prevents any diseased areas from spreading.

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Benefits of Tree Pruning

A healthy tree can add immense value to your property. In addition, it can create a beautiful backdrop for your home and plants while enriching the quality of the air in your neighbourhood and the world at large.

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Tree pruning is essential because it:

  • Improves growth, circulation, and structure
  • Reduces the chance of falling branches
  • Reduces the likelihood and the spread of disease

At the end of the day, pruning helps maintain the beauty and health of your trees, resulting in benefits that reach far beyond your boundaries.

How Much Does Tree Pruning Cost in Peterborough?

Tree trimming and pruning services can vary widely in price because the cost depends on the required equipment and staff hours. For example, a small tree may require only a few hours of our time and limited equipment, whereas a sizable aged tree could take up most of a day.

However, there’s no reason for you to worry about the cost of tree pruning. We offer free estimates to all property owners in the Peterborough area so that we can give you a fair and custom quote on any necessary work.

Can I Prune My Own Trees?

Unless you have proper training, equipment, and experience, tree pruning is dangerous to do without the guidance of a professional.

You risk serious injury to yourself or the tree if you try to perform your own maintenance, so we always recommend opting for a complimentary estimate.

While trimming a tree may seem simple and straightforward, you won’t know what may do lasting damage if you don’t have the years of experience that guides our certified¬† arborists.

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